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Rev. Jonathan Cronkhite has been serving youth and families in full time ministry for the last 23 years. With the heart of a pastor, he encourages and equips families to have Homes Devoted, through conferences, workshops, coaching and writing. Married to Carrie for 17 years, they have 5 children, run a home school co-op, drama club and chess club and invite 50 people over once a month for airsoft battles.

Superman Meal Blessing

Written by Jonathan on . Posted in Blog, Prayers


Superman Prayer: Dads, Say this mealtime prayer with your kids! (Ok…maybe not if they are teenagers.) 🙂

Who says prayer has to be with our heads bowed and eyes shut (all the time)???

Here are the words to this fun prayer:

Thank you God for giving us food
Thank you God for giving us food
For the friends that we meet and the food that we eat
Thank you God for giving us food


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