Parenting Techies: Keeping Your Kids Protected

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If you let your child or teenager use an iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc., the world has a VIP All Access Pass into your home.  How do we guide our children through the use of these electronic wonders (especially when they know more about them than we do)?  How do we protect them?

Its not about a lack of trust.   A recent study showed that 83% of children who were exposed to pornography stumbled upon it accidentally! ….83%!!!!! You combine that with the fact that teens don’t want to say no to a friend that asks to see their cell phone and THEY may pull up a picture they will NEVER forget!

Grandparents With Impact

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Many novels have been written about the mysteries and treasures surrounding Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Whether it is in the attic or a long dark hallway with beckoning rooms, there is something special about the visits to the grandparents.  The food tastes better, the smells are sweeter, and the conversations more endearing.  On one visit to my grandparents, my sister and I found a closet at the end of the hall which aroused our curiosity.  The musty smell, the delicately stitched doilies, and the old treasures were a delight to explore.  In one box, I found a little green Bible with gold engraved letters.  It was just my size and it was my favorite color.  Grandmother gave it to me and I carried it with me everywhere I went.  God’s seed was sown.

3 Things Every Dad Should Do After Pulling In The Driveway (Part 2)

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#1. Find Mom. (click here for part 1.)

#2. Sit

Many homes today are like college dorms: people live together, talk when there is a problem, and watch TV together.  They morph into acting more like roommates than a family.  When was the last time you sat down as a family in the same room (without a TV on) and just talked?

One of the reasons some kids don’t respect parents, don’t find family all that important or embrace their parent’s faith is because they don’t have a deep sense of commitment to each other.  There isn’t a lot of closeness, connection or feeling part of a…tribe.  Instead, many teens find friends more important.  Why? They have deeper bonds with them.  It’s sad, but true.


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