The Sword Scene Challenge: You could win!

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The Cronkhite kids want to encourage your child(ren) to memorize scripture. WAIT!  It can be fun.  Take a look at the video below. (Pass this on to other friends and family, too.)

There are lots of reasons to memorize scripture: one the Bible is called a SWORD (Ephesians 6:17: “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”) and another reason is Psalms 119:11, “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.”

Memorize Matthew 5:3-12, post your SCENE and you could win a giant set of  TanGrams for family fun.  Something the whole family, young and old, can have fun doing together (see the Cronkhites playing the game below.)  For every 20 families who submit videos, we will give away a game or a Family Time Activity book!  So, spread the word, tell your friends!  (See below for the video on the Family Time Activity book.)


Just a few verses each week!  We will post a new video to show your kids each Monday for encouragement along the way. See below for the first four verses!

The fine print:

  1. Submit a video of your child(ren) saying the verses by heart by August 11th and you will be entered into the drawing! In other words, no teleprompter, whiteboards, etc., but a parent can help with hand motions. 🙂
  2. You can post a link to your video in the comments section below or on our Facebook page (click here).
  3. Get creative!  Sing it out!  Act it out!  You will get 2 extra entries for creativity!

Matthew 5:3-4…

Matthew 5:5-6…


This is TanGram!  A game young and old can play!


Win a Family Time Activity Book. A great resource for making principles from God’s Word memorable!  Your kids will think having a devotion is nothing but boring!

Shining Like Stars (Family Devo/Activity)

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This would be a fantastic way to start family devotions if you are not in the habit or a fresh idea if you have devotions all the time. IMG_8654 a It is half activity/half devotion.  I ran across this as I was looking for devotional resources for families.  It is very simple, has little prep and will leave lasting memories as you get the family together to focus on what is most important!  I hope you can carve out the time to impart Biblical truth to your children (no matter what their age.)  If we can point you in the right direction, please let us know.

Get the Devo Here.  Read this and decide what you want to say, add or change.  Gather materials then gather the family.  If this activity seems too childish, here is another activity we posted last week that can offer a more exciting activity for the older kiddos/teens and you can use the same lesson.  Here is how to make some real fireworks. Click here.  

TELL US HOW IT WENT!!  Post comments here and pictures and video on our Facebook page.


Fireworks from Steel Wool and Other 4th of July Fun

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This is an annual reminder how to make some awesome fireworks out of steel wool.  Enjoy and have a fun and safe 4th!
The 4th of July is a great time to forget about all the stuff on our to do list and focus a day (or weekend) on our family.  Dads, I definitely want to encourage you to take some time off from the honey-do-list and projects around the house to create some fantastic memories by having some creative fun.  Here are a few ways to create some memories that will be fun for all!
Steel Wool Sparks You will definitely want to see these pictures!  These are our kids in action!   Get an app on your phone that will allow you take time elapsed pictures and you’ll be able to capture some great memories.



These are the best fireworks we have ever done (and the cheapest)!  My dad taught me this as a kid and now my kids have a blast, too. (Thanks Dad!)


  1. Get some plain steel wool (no soap). There are different grades. Get the middle grade.  The coarse doesn’t lite and the super fine burns too quickly.
  2. Get a whisk from the dollar store, tie it on the end of a metal clothes hanger.  Metal hangers works best, because you can bend the end to make a handle and it keeps it at a distance.
  3. Place the steel wool in the whisk and light it until just part of it is glowing and then start twisting it around as fast as you can!  AMAZING!

DISCLAIMER: Homes Devoted is not responsible for any harm, fires started or houses that burn down, so perform them wisely. 🙂   We’ve never had any burning from the sparks.   Make sure you are in an open area!  Wearing a hat is advisable.

Relay to put the Declaration of Independence in order!    Have fun and teach your kids more about the holiday.  (Divide into 2+ teams for this competition) Click here for all the info

Some Sporting Fun 


I probably wouldn’t make it this fancy, but this is a $5 tarp.  Your kids can help you make it.

Like Trivia? Here is a link to a 4th of July trivia game.


18 Ideas to have a home devoted in 2013!

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It is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Your children are getting older and you are going to need new and different ways of meeting their needs. Putting off doing some training, connecting and educating won’t do any longer. So, here are some ideas to get you off to a great start in 2013. You may want to print this and post it on your bathroom mirror or save it as a reminder.

Stay connected because we will be sharing in the weeks to come more specifics on each of the ideas below. If you comment, email or ask us about a certain idea below, we will start based on your input! Maybe you want to share some ideas of your own as well.

Choose ONE thing from this list to implement in your family starting NOW…..Just one….and it will help you connect with your kids and connect them to God! Some of these you should do regularly and others get thrown into the mix to help you add God stuff to daily living.

Whatever you choose, remember that you want to connect with them and train them to know and follow God.

1. Bedtime Blessings- Numbers 6:24-26
2. Pray with your wife-
3. Share your personal devotion-
4. Pray as a family-
5. Serve together-
6. Act out Scripture together-
7. Memorize Scripture-
8. Challenge your kids to lead the family in a devotion/present a sermon on topic.
9. Pick a family to bless-
10. Be Hospitable
11. Spend time one on one talking-
12. Share God’s blessings/answered prayers-
13. Sit with whole family at worship service- (See blogs under category “Why kids in worship.”
14. Discuss Sermon with family
15. Start a family journal-
16. Play Christian Music-
17. Read-aloud character-building books
18. Play together!


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