18 Ideas to have a home devoted in 2013!

It is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Your children are getting older and you are going to need new and different ways of meeting their needs. Putting off doing some training, connecting and educating won’t do any longer. So, here are some ideas to get you off to a great start in 2013. You may want to print this and post it on your bathroom mirror or save it as a reminder.

Stay connected because we will be sharing in the weeks to come more specifics on each of the ideas below. If you comment, email or ask us about a certain idea below, we will start based on your input! Maybe you want to share some ideas of your own as well.

Choose ONE thing from this list to implement in your family starting NOW…..Just one….and it will help you connect with your kids and connect them to God! Some of these you should do regularly and others get thrown into the mix to help you add God stuff to daily living.

Whatever you choose, remember that you want to connect with them and train them to know and follow God.

1. Bedtime Blessings- Numbers 6:24-26
2. Pray with your wife-
3. Share your personal devotion-
4. Pray as a family-
5. Serve together-
6. Act out Scripture together-
7. Memorize Scripture-
8. Challenge your kids to lead the family in a devotion/present a sermon on topic.
9. Pick a family to bless-
10. Be Hospitable
11. Spend time one on one talking-
12. Share God’s blessings/answered prayers-
13. Sit with whole family at worship service- (See blogs under category “Why kids in worship.”
14. Discuss Sermon with family
15. Start a family journal-
16. Play Christian Music-
17. Read-aloud character-building books
18. Play together!

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