Through my own journey of working with students in the church for the last two decades, I discovered and the statistics confirm most teenagers who continue beyond high school with a strong faith came from families who lived their faith out in the home.  Carrie and I have a God given vision and passion to encourage and equip churches and parents to live this adventure of faith in the home with their children, “so the next generation will know.” Psalm 78:4-9

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  • Jennifer


    I enjoyed your teaching at the HS conference last Saturday and appreciated you taking time to speak with me after the talk. I was much encouraged by your words. Thank you. Blessing on your ministry. It’s much needed!

    • Jonathan


      We were happy to provide any insight we have gained over the years to help. Thanks and please stay in touch. Maybe we can come to your church for a morning or evening. Just let us know how we might be of assistance. Jonathan

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