What is Faith? {5 Minute Devo}

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 Five Minute Family Devotion


The majority of college students who had a faith that lasted attributed their lasting faith to FAITH CONVERSTIONS in the home.  Whether you are having dinner, in the car or having morning devotions as a family, these devotions can help you talk about faith, making faith real and relevant.



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SIT AT A TABLE OR HAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN A CHAIR and ASK THEM THESE QUESTIONS (preferably, an old or unfamiliar chair.)



  • How did you demonstrate your faith in the chair you are sitting in?

ANSWER: You believe it will hold you, you have a hope that is so confident, you sat in it.


  • Does it take faith to believe the chair you are sitting in will hold you?  Why or why not? 

ANSWER: It depends on the chair… Maybe it’s an unfamiliar chair that looks worn out and rickety.  You may have never sat in it before, so maybe you were a little uneasy about sitting in it, because you don’t really know the chair. 


But maybe it’s easy to have faith in the chair because you trust it, you sat in it before, probably many times, you have seen other people sit in it.  You inspected how it’s made and you realize it is well built… You have so much faith in it, you are willing to put all your weight down without fear of it crashing to the ground.


Have someone READ Hebrews 11:1.



  • From this verse, what is faith? (In your own words.)
  • You demonstrated your confidence in the hope that the chair would hold you.  How do we demonstrate our faith in God?  In other words, how do you demonstrate your confidence in the hope that He will come through for you?
  • How can you become more confident in God? 


The more you inspect God (like you may have done with the chair, the more you read the Bible), the more you become familiar with Him, the more you see other people trust Him, and the more you trust Him with the little things (the more you “sit” in Him), your faith will grow. Then you will be able to trust Him with even bigger things life brings your way.


  • What is one thing you should trust God with right now? (What’s one thing you are stressed, worried about? One thing where it’s hard to do what is right?)
  • Are you willing to?  Why or why not?

Faith Conversation 3: Taming The Tongue Part II: Reckless Words

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DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Taming the Tongue Part II Reckless Words

Taming the Tongue Part II:   Reckless Words

Our children need to realize how our words affect us and the others around us.  Our tongue can get us into deep trouble or be a blessing to others.  Here is a Faith Conversation you can have with your kids on this important and sometimes overlooked subject.

Conversation Starter:

Gossip, backbiting, name calling, put-downs, hurtful sarcasm… They all hurt.  How do they affect others (esp. brothers and sisters)?

One minute video for all ages:


For teens: You may find this video more impactful for your junior high/high school teen:


DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Taming the Tongue Part II Reckless Words


Faith Conversation 2: Taming The Tongue

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It is so important to have “Faith Conversations” at home in between Sundays.  Many faithful college students said they attributed their strong faith to the fact that they had faith conversations in their home.  We hope these will help you to talk about God, making faith relevant, wherever you are: in the car, at dinner, in a restaurant, etc.

See Faith Conversation 1 and a video entitled The Lasting Impact of Faith Conversations

This is Part 1: Taming the Tongue

Our children need to realize how our words affect us and the others around us.  Our tongue can get us into deep trouble or be a blessing to others.  Here is a Faith Conversation you can have with your kids on this important and sometimes overlooked subject.  (Part 2: Reckless Words & Part 3: Lying and Cheating are coming in the days to follow.)

Faith Conversation 2: Taming the Tongue Part 1

Let us know in the comments section below how it went!

Family Devotion: Trusting God

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How can you “impress” on your children a trust in God?  Here is a devotion you can do as a family.  The very young, and even teens, will have some fun with this activity and discussion on trusting God with everything!  (Print the devotion here.)

Topic: Trusting God.

Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6


Free Falling

Your children can take turns participating in this activity.  Have one at a time stand on something (a chair, bed, etc.) off the ground (waist level works best).  You can decide on the height, but you want to make it somewhat challenging.  You could even blindfold them.

Have them cross their arms to grab their shoulders.  Mom, dad and other family members can get behind them and lock arms together so the one falling can fall straight back into their arms.  You could even put a mattress underneath for added protection.  Instruct the faller to stay straight and stiff like a board and fall into the safety net of their family’s arms.

Have each child do this.  If you don’t have enough family members to catch the faller, you could do this with another family or as an alternative you could blindfold each child and take them by the hand (or by verbal directions) on a tour of their surroundings.

After everyone is done, talk about it. You can ask:

  • Was it hard to do?
  • Why?  [Intentionally falling is not something we naturally do; it goes against all logic.]
  • Why was it hard to trust, even your family/parents?
  • What does it mean to trust?


Read (or have one child read) Proverbs 3:5-6 from a Bible. (It’s important to read it from a Bible.  We want our kids to become familiar with reading their Bible.)


  • What does it mean to trust God?  Is it the same as “believing” in Him? (Letting Him guide and lead us, obeying Him even when we don’t feel like it.)
  • When can it be hard to trust God?
  • How does God know we really trust Him? (Through listening and obeying Him.)
  • How do we learn to trust God more? (By reading the Bible; by trusting Him in the little things.  Then we realize He is trustworthy and it will become easier to trust Him with bigger things, etc.)
  • What are benefits of trusting God?


  • How do we completely trust God as a family?
  • Is there something going on right now which is stretching us to completely trust God?
  • In what area are you (each family member) having difficulty trusting God?


A Dirty Devo…All is Rubbish

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Below is a family devotion you may use with your family and/or you may pass it on to someone else.   Share it with the people in your small group to do with their families or even send it off to your grown children, so they can do this with your grandchildren.  We hope it will bless your family as it has others.

Helping You Have Homes Devoted,
Jonathan and Carrie

(If you haven’t started family devotions, you are not alone.  Statistics show that only 9% of church families do any form of worship/study in the home. Break the stats! Click here for a quick video on some simple insights to starting a Family Devotion.)

A Dirty Devotion: It’s All Garbage
(This devotion has many questions. Choose what works for your family.  Change and add to it according to the ages of your kids…Don’t feel like you need to use everything here, but you always want to leave them with some way they can apply it to their lives.  I would suggest you also talk about it a day or two later.  If you bring it back up and discuss it (at dinner, for instance) they will be more apt to remember it, and the ongoing processing of the scripture can create great discussion about God throughout the week!)

Start by asking:
When your friend is SO excited after receiving a new _____________ (you can fill in the blank with something), how do they act?
[They talk about it constantly, they’re excited, they want to tell others, they want to show it off, etc.]

What is one thing that you have that you are very excited about? Something you earned?  And why?

Read Philippians 3:8
I also consider everything to be a loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Because of Him I have suffered the loss of all things and consider them filth, so that I may gain Christ (Philippians 3:8 HCSB)

How Might Paul describe that thing of yours?

What is it about following Christ that in comparison makes everything else seem like dirt, garbage, dog poop? (That’s what it says in the message version).
[It stinks, it’s gross!   That’s how we need to view everything that might keep us from knowing Christ and His awesome plan and purpose for us!]

VISUAL ILLUSTRATION: I dare you to get some garbage or even dog poop and put it on the table for your kids to see and smell and I promise they will never forget this devotion! You can keep it in the trash bag or put on some plastic.

What things has Paul lost, given up, to follow Christ?
[Freedom (he is in jail).  Friends. Safety. Security.  The good life.  He was in prison, beaten mocked, etc.]

What is one thing that might be keeping us as a family from knowing Christ better? What is one thing that might be keeping you from knowing Christ better?  [Popularity. Time. Money. Stuff. Fun. Sports. Facebook and other online activities.]

Why is it hard to give up these things?


How can you tell when someone loves something more than Jesus?

What is the second commandment? [Exodus 20.  No idols!]

What are “idols” in today’s world?

How do you know when something is an idol?  [It’s hard to know. But if that thing keeps you from going to church, from spending time praying or reading the Bible, or keeps you from time with Christian friends;  If this thing pulls you away from Jesus.]

What might you love more than Jesus?

How might we (as a family) or you keep this from continuing to be an idol?

Is it possible we/you could allow God to use this thing to bring Him glory?  [Sometimes, God gives you desires, talents, gifts and skills that can become an idol (you become proud like Samson or Saul and instead of using these things for God, you use them for your own selfish ambition.  You can use your interests, talents and gifts to show your love for God to others. You might want to write this down somewhere and discuss it throughout the week.  Plan to talk about these together at meals or turn off the TV when everyone is around to talk about it.]

Close in prayer!


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