Confession Of A Super Bowl Enthusiast

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Since the Super Bowl is an annual event, there is reason to be excited, especially when “your” team is playing. At certain times throughout the game, I was shouting, “GO!”, “Come on!”, “YES!”, “What was that!!!!????” There were different times during the game that required different forms of expression: standing, mouth wide open, arms raised, high-fiving, hugging the couch pillow.

Normally, I’m not the most enthusiastic guy. It’s my personality. So, my kids were a little taken back by the animation I exhibited.

God Doesn’t Always Answer The Way We Think HE Should

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The last two weeks have been difficult. A beautiful, talented, dynamic 17 year old girl from the church where we had served for 12 years did not recover from an injury incurred from a skateboarding accident. As friends of the family and her former youth pastor, I was asked to speak at the service. She was an amazing young woman. I shed more tears in the last two weeks than the last five years. Almost 700 grieving teens, parents, and family members arrived seeking to find comfort and answers.

In the hospital, Haley’s parents and I, holding on to Haley, prayed for almost an hour on our knees weeping, crying out to the Lord of Heaven and of Earth for His healing touch. I recounted all the healings I had personally experienced and those recorded in the Bible. I believed He would answer.

Parenting Techies: Keeping Your Kids Protected

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If you let your child or teenager use an iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc., the world has a VIP All Access Pass into your home.  How do we guide our children through the use of these electronic wonders (especially when they know more about them than we do)?  How do we protect them?

Its not about a lack of trust.   A recent study showed that 83% of children who were exposed to pornography stumbled upon it accidentally! ….83%!!!!! You combine that with the fact that teens don’t want to say no to a friend that asks to see their cell phone and THEY may pull up a picture they will NEVER forget!

Grandparents With Impact

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Many novels have been written about the mysteries and treasures surrounding Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Whether it is in the attic or a long dark hallway with beckoning rooms, there is something special about the visits to the grandparents.  The food tastes better, the smells are sweeter, and the conversations more endearing.  On one visit to my grandparents, my sister and I found a closet at the end of the hall which aroused our curiosity.  The musty smell, the delicately stitched doilies, and the old treasures were a delight to explore.  In one box, I found a little green Bible with gold engraved letters.  It was just my size and it was my favorite color.  Grandmother gave it to me and I carried it with me everywhere I went.  God’s seed was sown.


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