Celebrating Grandparent’s Day: Leaving a Legacy Contest

Leaving a Legacy Contest

 Learning from past generations to impact future generations.

The business of life often gets in the way of listening and learning from our grandparents: those of wisdom and life experience who have lived decades longer than our children.  Photo albums are left incomplete, journals are left blank and letters are left unwritten.  Therefore, memories are lost and wisdom is preserved instead of passed on.

In celebration of Grandparents Day, September 8th, we are running a “Leaving a Legacy” contest.  Invest the time to set up an interview between your parents and your children and record the precious life and history of your loved ones.  It may be a grandmother, grandfather or even an adopted grandmother or grandfather sharing wisdom learned as well as the vision for their upcoming generations.  If the grandparents aren’t local to you, use Skype or Facetime or plan a visit.

This will be a wonderful family venture and a very memorable keepsake for the generations ahead!  Just think of how this will connect your children with their grandparents.  This will be a fun and insightful memory maker that will last forever. Not to mention, grandparents will love it!

Set up a video camera and record the whole interview or just record some of the most meaningful questions. You could even email them the questions ahead of time, so they have time to think about the answers.  Edit a video to capture the best 5 minutes of your interview.

Here are some questions taken from Our Family Heritage by Maridel Willer to give you some great questions: (you don’t have to ask all these questions, but they will help start some great conversations.)

Download questions:  Leaving a Legacy Contest

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