Confession Of A Super Bowl Enthusiast

Since the Super Bowl is an annual event, there is reason to be excited, especially when “your” team is playing. At certain times throughout the game, I was shouting, “GO!”, “Come on!”, “YES!”, “What was that!!!!????” There were different times during the game that required different forms of expression: standing, mouth wide open, arms raised, high-fiving, hugging the couch pillow.

Normally, I’m not the most enthusiastic guy. It’s my personality. So, my kids were a little taken back by the animation I exhibited.

A few nights after, this question came to me, “Did my kids see me more enthusiastic about the Super Bowl than about God?” I believe God’s Spirit gave me this question because I should probably rejoice more. “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” Philippians 4.4

It is natural at church to sing out, stand, and have a hand raised. But do that in our home? Maybe there are times, outside of Sunday mornings, I should shout out to God. Stand with arms raised in worship? What would this communicate to my children?

This reminds me of Bill Burch, a great man of wisdom who loves the Lord. You know he is nearby, because you will hear him shout out in his deep voice, “Praise God!” He isn’t ashamed or bashful. I love that man.

My heart is bowed before Him and I seek to worship Him with my words and actions. I lead our family in prayer together and read the Word together on a regular basis. I know we have our different personalities and therefore different forms of expressing our love for our Lord. All I’m challenging myself to do is to express my love for Him a little more fervently.

I want my children to see a dad that is enthusiastic about God, about what He has done, is doing and the life that is coming! We have so much more to be excited about than a football game.

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