Ghana, West Africa


I am traveling to Ghana with Young Leaders International to lead a Homes Devoted ministry track at a 3 day conference on the importance of faith in the home.  There will be leaders from 6-7 different ethnic groups, representing roughly 8 denominations.  African leaders will leave able to equip their communities to have Homes Devoted.  Please pray for this mission and help us raise the necessary $2,300.

Since my trip to Bangkok, I have had a continued desire to share this message with those of other countries.  To my surprise, the lack of practicing faith in our homes in America is just as prevalent in churches outside the U.S.    Sharing with pastors in Bangkok enlightened them of the vision and the need for parents to pastor their children at home and not just focus on what happens at church.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we work together to share this message with others around the world.

Written by Jonathan


Rev. Jonathan Cronkhite has been serving youth and families in full time
ministry for the last 23 years. With the heart of a pastor, he encourages and equips families to have Homes Devoted, through conferences, workshops, coaching and writing. Married to Carrie for 22 years, they have 5 children, run a home school co-op, drama club and invite 50 people over once a month for airsoft battles.