Parenting Techies, Suntree UMC



If a stranger knocked on your front door hoping to find your child alone, you would notify the police and take extra precautions immediately.   YET only 19% of our children’s electronic devices are protected from such a threat.  Over 50% of exposure to “bad stuff” is occurring through cell phones.  The majority of children stumble upon it accidentally AND it happens in our own homes!!!!….Simply because we left the front door unlocked.

Technology is everywhere, but many parents are not aware of the possible dangers or aware of how to safeguard them.instagram

  • How can you set parent controls on your devices and apps?snapchat
  • Which apps are safe and of which ones should you be leery?  facebook

  • How do you talk to your children and prepare them?ask fm
  • How do you set boundaries with your teenager?

Find out how to protect yourself and your children.

Grandparents, parents, and educators, are encouraged to bring their devices for this hands-on “Parenting Techies” workshop.

Written by Jonathan


Rev. Jonathan Cronkhite has been serving youth and families in full time
ministry for the last 23 years. With the heart of a pastor, he encourages and equips families to have Homes Devoted, through conferences, workshops, coaching and writing. Married to Carrie for 22 years, they have 5 children, run a home school co-op, drama club and invite 50 people over once a month for airsoft battles.