Forgetting What You Look Like {5 Minute Devo}

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Have you ever forgotten to look in a mirror and then after you left the house and got somewhere (like school or work or a meeting) and realize you didn’t fix your hair or you had a stain on your clothes or… 
(Mom or dad could share a story of a time they did this. For me, one of the times was when I cut myself shaving and I put a little piece of tissue paper on my cut to stop the bleeding.  I went to school with this still on!)
How did you feel?  Foolish? Embarrassed?
Now suppose you did look at yourself in a mirror and noticed (whatever it was from above), and still ignored it and immediately forgot about what you looked like?  How would you describe someone like this?  Careless?  Foolish?
Why do you think of them like that? Because they ignore what they see. They don’t care enough about themselves to make a change or correct what is wrong.
If I (Daddy/Mommy) had an important meeting and I didn’t care about what I looked like, what would this tell the person I was meeting with?
READ:  James 1:22-25 
How would you describe someone who hears God’s Word, but does not apply it to their lives?
• Why do you think of them like that?
• How do they really feel about God?  
Why does James say it will set you free? You won’t be trapped by all the consequences of bad choices.  You can rest in the authority of God.
What is the result of doing what God says?  Blessing.
• What are you choosing to ignore about God’s Word or His commands?  
PRAYER: “God, Help us to follow you, no matter how hard it is, knowing you have the best and perfect plan for us to follow. ” 

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