Grandparents With Impact

Many novels have been written about the mysteries and treasures surrounding Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Whether it is in the attic or a long dark hallway with beckoning rooms, there is something special about the visits to the grandparents.  The food tastes better, the smells are sweeter, and the conversations more endearing.  On one visit to my grandparents, my sister and I found a closet at the end of the hall which aroused our curiosity.  The musty smell, the delicately stitched doilies, and the old treasures were a delight to explore.  In one box, I found a little green Bible with gold engraved letters.  It was just my size and it was my favorite color.  Grandmother gave it to me and I carried it with me everywhere I went.  God’s seed was sown.

Although it was many years later when I made a profession of faith, the example my grandparents set in their devotion to God, the church, and each other, made a lasting impression on my sister and me.  A grandparent has the ability to impact generations to come by loving their grandchildren so much that they sweetly share the Good News of Jesus through the wisdom that comes from years of peaks and valleys and the revelation of God’s mercy through blessings and trials.

Here are some ideas to connect with the hearts of your grandchildren and nurture their love for God:

  • Send letters- Hand written notes are a rarity and are very much appreciated by people of all ages.
  • Skype (let the kids teach you if you don’t know how) Jonathan’s grandmother was over a hundred when she started skyping us with the help of Uncle Roger!
  • Text (It may seem easier to just call, but texting is speaking in their language)
  • Call (Even if you know they are busy or doing something, if you are thinking of them, leave a message and let them know it.)
  • Care boxes: articles that remind you of them or that would be of interest to them, send sweet goodies, include Bible verses to encourage them and trinkets (it doesn’t have to be expensive.  It’s amazing the treasures you can find at a dollar store.)
  • Bake together
  • Listen
  • Invite them to spend the weekend
  • Encourage their parent’s to focus on the marital relationship by babysitting
  • Start a Book Club with the grandchildren
  • Pray earnestly for them
  • Make meaningful gifts
  • Share stories of their parents
  • Show photo albums
  • Plant a tree together
  • Bring them with you on errands
  • Build something together (Home Depot & Lowes often have child building projects you can do with them for free.)
  • Work on projects together
  • Play Cards!

Even though the young family seems so busy, don’t feel like you can’t call or stop by.  Don’t wait for them to call you.  With technology today, your grandchildren are always a click away.  Intentionally impress the love of God and His word in their hearts!  Your relationship with them matters.  Thank you for leaving a legacy of faith.

Blessings on the journey,


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