Parenting Techies: Keeping Your Kids Protected

If you let your child or teenager use an iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc., the world has a VIP All Access Pass into your home.  How do we guide our children through the use of these electronic wonders (especially when they know more about them than we do)?  How do we protect them?

Its not about a lack of trust.   A recent study showed that 83% of children who were exposed to pornography stumbled upon it accidentally! ….83%!!!!! You combine that with the fact that teens don’t want to say no to a friend that asks to see their cell phone and THEY may pull up a picture they will NEVER forget!

This doesn’t include cyber bullying, masquerading, bumping, sexting, added peer-pressure, bad influences, etc.

God has given us the responsibility to raise His children.  We must protect them!  Too often they are not mature enough to handle the pressure.  I know you want to think more of your son, as I do, but I also know the majority of Christian, grown men view pornography monthly.  Therefore, I’m taking away the VIP All Access passes. 

Here are some steps to take:

  1. Find a internet filtering software for their device.  We recommend Net Nanny.  It is best at filtering and compatible with all devices and operating systems and you can access and control all of them from one web portal (very cool and saves time.)
  2. You have to talk to them.  Tell them what pornography is.   Our 8 & 10 year old boys know that it is “seeing people without their clothes on.”  We train them to turn their eyes and how to say no and what to say when that time comes, because it is going to come!  Role play what they should do. You can even practice with certain risque commercials, “Turn your eyes!”
  3. Learn all you can about your device and how to set parental controls.
  4. Check their devices regularly.   If you pay for the use of these devices, they are yours and you have every right to view them and look at them.  It’s not that you don’t trust them, but that you want to protect them (from things they may be too young to understand.)
  5. Talk constantly.  There are always new apps and new ways to get around the parameters you have set up.  They can just use someone else’s phone!  The goal is to have such an open and close relationship, they will tell you what is going on if needed.

If you are interested in us coming in to teach in much greater detail about safeguarding your children, how to set parent controls on devices and apps, how to talk with your children/teenager, etc., we offer a PARENTING TECHIES WORKSHOP.   click here for more info.

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