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REVIEWS of our live workshops:

"The Parent Techies workshop was just what we needed. Jonathan knew his stuff. In a world that is changing before our very eyes daily, being on the front line of equipping and protecting our kids is so crucial when it comes to social media. I highly encourage other churches and parents to not turn a blind eye to what is going on. Helpful and informative content, and fantastic application. You can’t afford to miss out on this workshop"Matt Jackson, Eau Gallie Baptist
"Jonathan brings social media dangers and applications to the forefront all while giving you practical ways to protect your kids and teens all while encouraging you to walk them deeper in their faith. Fantastic job!"
“We learned so much through this Homes Devoted Workshop. It helped open my eyes to the reality of what our children are exposed to and gave us practical tools to build a safe environment to raise our families in.” Brittany, Children’s Pastor
“The Parenting Techies workshop is a must for parents who want to protect their children online. Jonathan is relevant, down to earth and a great communicator.” Ken Hitte, Lead Pastor at Discover Life Church
“Parenting Techies was more than informational. It was transformational in that Jonathan provided hands on training to safeguard our devices and protect our family.” Chris, Executive Pastor
“Loved the live demonstrations. I left much more confident and secure in handing my teen their phone.”
“Nitty-gritty techie tips for not so techie parents and grandparents.” Becky, NJ
“It was fun and SO informative.”
“I consider myself a techie, and I learned stuff, too!”
“Love the live demos, so we can see how to go through the settings.”

If a stranger knocked on your front door hoping to find your child alone, you would notify the police and take extra precautions immediately.   YET only 19% of our children’s electronic devices are protected from such a threat.  Over 50% of exposure to “bad stuff” is occurring through cell phones.  The majority of children stumble upon it accidentally AND it happens in our own homes!!!!….Simply because we left the front door unlocked.

Technology is everywhere, but many parents are not aware of the possible dangers or aware of how to safeguard them.instagram

  • How can you set parent controls on your devices and apps?snapchat
  • Which apps are safe and of which ones should you be leery?  facebook
  • How do you talk to your children and prepare them?ask fm
  • How do you set boundaries with your teenager?

Find out how to protect yourself and your children.

Grandparents, parents, and educators, are encouraged to bring their devices for this hands-on “Parenting Techies” workshop.


  • 83% of pornography seen by children happens ACCIDENTALLY
  • 51% of girls felt pressure from a guy to send sexual text messages.
  • 34% of girls sent sexual text messages to try and feel “sexy” or more attractive.  (page 10, TSP)
  • Many teens struggle with excessive texting because they feel an obligation to be “on” for their friends.
  • 100% of 9th grade boys and 50% of girls surveyed by the Deputy Children’s Commissioner in the UK were found to be accessing porn.
  • In the U.S., 52% of pornography is accessed on smartphones; 10% on tablets. The Inquisitr, December 26, 2013
  • 90% of teenagers have viewed porn.
  • 67% of men and 59% of women said that porn was acceptable. Campus Crusade for Christ staff. Christian Post, 7-16-2011

To schedule this workshop, please contact Jonathan at or 321.223.1163.

 Laura wrote this to her school principal after attending:

"Although we already use a filtering software, I learned so very much about protecting our children beyond that! It was about a full 2 hours with an informative, in-depth outline and sample contract to be used with your child. Their presentation was very engaging with laughter as well as sensitivity to the dangers that prey on our children. Not only do they present the facts of online usage, they discuss guiding your child into it. All the rules and requirements won’t mean anything, without first devoting to & strengthening the relationship with the child. If their heart is not in the right place, electronic devices can certainly be used in the wrong ways without parental knowledge. This class came at perfectly time for us, with a 4th & 5th grader. We had hoped to wait until they were 13 for their own phones, but since the school is promoting the use of devices at younger ages- we need to stay informed. And one of the strongest points in their message is protecting your child; not controlling or taking away privacy. I feel better empowered as a parent to help protect our kids after taking this class.”Laura


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There are two versions of this workshop: 1.5 hours or 3 hours.  

The 1.5 hour version covers these topics:

1. Being guardians.

2. The reality of cell phone usage, texting.

3. Settings on iOS and Android devices.

4. Software and apps to protect the family.

5. Facebook, Google Chrome, YouTube settings.

6. A summary of what they can do that night to safeguard their family.

The 3 hour version covers topics in the 1.5 hour version PLUS....

We spend more time demonstrating settings, so every parent and grandparent actually leaves with their devices protected; how to talk with your child or teen about setting these new boundaries.

We also look at and demonstrate the protective software and apps available; discuss apps and social media sites which need caution; where to go to determine what music, video games and movies are appropriate; and discuss the issue of pornography.

For those who are local, these could be broken up into to different evenings if this works better for your schedule.