Part 2: James 1:1-4 {5 Minute Devo}

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(PART 2)


Read James 1:1-4


Would you consider practice (of a sport, or music, or even studying) to be a happy thing? 



Then why practice?

There is joy knowing you are seeking to accomplish something you wouldn’t have otherwise. I.e: Winning or developing a skill.  It’s practice that produces results. When the coach pushes you, you get better. You may feel sore, but you know this tough time will result in greater ability.


The tough times we experience in life develop our faith muscles. 


What is the result of having joy through difficult times? (See Verse 3)


How does going through trials “produce perseverance?”


Hopefully you can see how God has provided, so the next time you face a difficult time, you will have a deeper trust that He will come through for you.


How do tough times affect our faith?

  1. It can cause doubt and discouragement OR
  2. It can increase our faith as we trust and rely on God to come through for us.


When are we more inclined to turn to God: when everything in life is going great or during a tough time?


Oftentimes, it is the trials that turn us back toward God.


When do we usually feel closest to God?

Lots of times it is in the difficult situations.  If this is truly the case, would God withhold those times? 



Have you had an experience when you just knew God was close to you during a difficult situation?


Your difficult time might be when your brother teases you and you want to get him back…OR… it might be that you forgot to do something your dad told you to do and you know if you lie, you might be able to get out of a spanking…. (You can add you own example here.)

If you really trust God, what should you do?  


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