Plant that Seedling TODAY! {Encouragement for Moms}

When we moved into our home, almost thirteen years ago, the landscaping was slight to say the least. Our neighbor across the street had planted an oak tree in honor of their son who was born a year prior. As I glanced across the way and saw the fledgling little tree, the thought occurred to me that we should plant a tree in our vacant front yard. After all, I love trees. As I child, I spent long hours climbing trees and lingering in their limbs daydreaming and enjoying the glorious outdoors. But, I never got around to it. No one would be able to climb in it for years and the thought was just too depressing. I wanted a big climbing tree NOW!
Over a decade later, our neighbors have a beautiful oak tree offering shade and lofty limbs to climb. Our house, however, still has just grass. What a missed opportunity! As it turns out, we moved into a home surrounded by climbing trees, but we don’t always get that second chance, especially when it comes to growing mature Christ followers.

As parents, we desire to impress the Word on our children. We see the value of developing character and appreciate grown children who were trained, equipped and strengthened spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. They make great company! We want that product, but do we have the patience to plant the seed, water it, tend to it, prune it, etc. until it is fully mature? Life gets in the way. We put off the training, discussing and reading of the Word for another day. Before you know it, time has slipped away and despairingly we reaped what we sowed. Don’t delay! Don’t let the business of life prevent you from having meaningful conversations with your children about faith matters. Take the time and invest the energy today! Someday, when you are resting in the arms of that fully mature child, you can relish the children and grandchildren as they call you blessed!

“She shall rejoice in time to come….Her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also, and he praises her.” (Proverbs 31:25b , Proverbs 31:28)

What have you been putting off doing with your children to develop them spiritually?
What can you commit to doing consistently to nurture the growth of your child’s faith?
When will you start, what time? Tell someone else about your plan and ask them to hold you accountable. Don’t wait another day! Every day is a day of potential growth!

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