Saddleback Church Cancels Youth Worship: Interview With Josh Griffin

Youth Pastor at Saddleback, Josh Griffin, discusses why they decided to cancel student worship services on Sundays once a month to bring students into worship with their parents and the rest of the church.  Great insight for all of us as we think about including students and children in worship. (See more under the topic: “Why Kids in Worship”)

Questions for you or your small group:

When will children/teens see baptisms? Experience communion? When will they see parents worship, sing, pray, and be taught God’s Word?

What does your church do to include children/teens in worship?

At what age do you think children should be brought into worship?

Bringing your kids into church; an act of worship or an inconvenience?  How do you “train” your kids to sit in worship?

Written by Jonathan


Rev. Jonathan Cronkhite has been serving youth and families in full time
ministry for the last 23 years. With the heart of a pastor, he encourages and equips families to have Homes Devoted, through conferences, workshops, coaching and writing. Married to Carrie for 22 years, they have 5 children, run a home school co-op, drama club and invite 50 people over once a month for airsoft battles.

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