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Part 1: James 1:1-4 {5 Minute Devo}

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(Click here for the download of this devotional: English, French, Russian, and Spanish.)

Part One

Read James 1:1-4

What is the difference between being happy and being joyful?  Can you give an example?


Being happy refers to being pleased or glad about something.  Joy is an “emotion of great delight caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.” ( For example: you could be made fun of at school because you helped someone who was bullied.  This won’t make you happy, but you can have joy knowing that you did what was right.)


How can you have joy in the midst of tough times?

You can knowing that God is protecting you, watching over you: knowing His plan will come through… and it is Him we are serving…Not ourselves. 


Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  If you are living to please yourself, if you are so concerned about wanting to be happy, there is no way to experience joy in the midst of trouble.

If you have the attitude that everything should be about you, your happiness, making you feel good, then you will be upset and hurt and complain when things are going badly.



Think of someone who has had incredible faith during a tough time… It may be someone your family knows or may be someone in your family.  It could be someone from church or a missionary you have read about or seen in a movie like THE END OF THE SPEAR (This would make a great family night for age appropriate children. The film is about missionaries who were killed on a journey and the incredible way God worked through this terrible situation.).


You could also use the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his own brothers (Genesis 37:12-36). He in turn became very respected for his hard work and integrity, but was imprisoned because of a lie.  God rescued him again and made him one of the greatest men; second in command of the whole nation.


-Ask this question about Joseph: Was Joseph happy about being in prison because somebody told a lie?


-Maybe share a tough time that you went through, trusted in God, and how, looking back on it now, you saw Him at work….


-You can use this personal story of Rusty, a man dealing with cancer, as a personal testimony of joy and perseverance: Rusty Escandel on JOY (English)(Spanish)(French)(Russian)


Whoever you use to illustrate this, you could ask: Was (so-and-so) happy as they were going through a difficult time?


Was JESUS happy he was on the cross?

No, but there was joy knowing He was rescuing humanity from sin!


Did Jesus promise us that, as Christians, we would have an easy life?

Nope. “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 NLT)


How can God expect us to have joy even in difficult times?

Because he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. 

In the midst of trouble, we can still depend upon Him.


We can do all things through Him who gives us strength.


We can have joy knowing that God is bigger than anything we will go through.  We can trust Him, even if facing death (like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego).


We may not know why we are going through a difficult time, but we can rely on God.


Is there a situation you are going through where you are finding it hard to completely trust in God?  Why?


A Question for the little kiddos: When do find it difficult to trust God?


Finish this sentence: It is hard to trust God when….



Seeing and Believing {5 Minute Devo}

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(Click here to download the editable version of this devotional: EnglishSpanishFrench, and Russian)

Can you imagine that even a disciple didn’t believe it when his buddies for the last three years (the other disciples) told him they had seen Jesus?


Do you know who I am talking about?

(Doubting Thomas.)


Read or have someone read: John 20:24-31


When Jesus says, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  Who is He talking about?

(Us. All those who believe in Him after He goes back to be with the Father.)


Why did John write these things?

(That you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God…)


What does John say is the result of believing, of having faith?

(That we may have “life in His name.”  Life eternally with Him and life here on earth: a life with meaning, purpose, peace, confidence; “abundant life,” etc.)


Is it hard for you, like doubting Thomas, to have a strong faith?  Why?


What are ways we can increase our faith?

(Talking about God with others, praying and seeking God for answers and help, trusting in Him in the little things, being obedient (the true sign of our faith is in our obedience), reading the Bible on our own, etc.)


What are you going to do today/this week to increase your faith?

My Lord and My God {5 Minute Devo}

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(Click here to download the editable version of this devotion: EnglishSpanishFrench, and Russian)


Back in the days of kings and queens, what did the king have power to do?

(Almost anything he desired.)


People in the kingdom would answer the king by saying, “Yes, my Lord.” “Right away, my Lord.”  “As you say, my Lord.” 

(Feel free to add more sayings and add an accent as you say these or even act it out.)


Here is a fun activity if you have time.

(Even if you have teens!  This will be short and fun.)  Pretend someone is the King or Queen (sit them in a chair as their throne or sit them up on a higher place) and have the rest of the family pretend he/she is the King or Queen) and address them appropriately….The King/Queen could even “command” their subjects to do things for them.  Mom/Dad could even take a turn at being King/Queen.  Have fun. Laugh and within limits, allow the “subjects” to do what they command.  (Keep it simple or if you have time, have fun with it.)


Read or have someone read: John 20:24-31


When Thomas says, “My Lord and my God” what does he mean by “Lord?”

(He was saying that He believed in Jesus so much he was making Him ruler, giving him control.  That he would follow Him wherever and do whatever he said.  He would obey Him no matter what.  He was submitting to His rule.  NOT OUT OF FEAR, but he was willing to submit to the Lordship of Christ, because of who he believed Him to be: God.)


How do we make Jesus “Lord” in our lives today?

(By submitting everything to Him, to His rule. We give Him permission to rule in our lives because we know He knows best, cares, is creator and God!  Not because we are forced, but because we decide to, we choose to.)


What does this look like (specifically)? 

  • How does mom/dad live differently than others?
  • How does a teenager live differently when Jesus is Lord?

[NOTE: Mom/Dad, when you answer questions, too, you reveal to your children that you are learning and growing with them.  Want your kids to catch your faith? Let them see you seeking, growing and learning, too.  It’s not just something they need to do. They need to know you have not “arrived.”  Because, you don’t want them to grow up thinking they have to be perfect.  Why? Because they will feel defeated when they realize they never will.]How does making Jesus your Lord and your God affect: (use some of the suggestions below or your own.)

  • How you do your homework?
  • How you do your chores?
  • How you act?
  • How much you worry? (If He is God, do you have faith He is in control?)
  • What you say?
  • How you practice?
  • How you do something you really don’t want to do?
  • How you obey when it’s really hard?
  • How you treat others, even when it’s not cool or easy?
  • How you spend your money?

What is one thing you need to make Jesus “Lord” of?  Why haven’t you before?

What is Faith? {5 Minute Devo}

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 Five Minute Family Devotion


The majority of college students who had a faith that lasted attributed their lasting faith to FAITH CONVERSTIONS in the home.  Whether you are having dinner, in the car or having morning devotions as a family, these devotions can help you talk about faith, making faith real and relevant.



 {Click here to download this devotional in an editable format:  EnglishSpanishFrenchRussian}

SIT AT A TABLE OR HAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN A CHAIR and ASK THEM THESE QUESTIONS (preferably, an old or unfamiliar chair.)



  • How did you demonstrate your faith in the chair you are sitting in?

ANSWER: You believe it will hold you, you have a hope that is so confident, you sat in it.


  • Does it take faith to believe the chair you are sitting in will hold you?  Why or why not? 

ANSWER: It depends on the chair… Maybe it’s an unfamiliar chair that looks worn out and rickety.  You may have never sat in it before, so maybe you were a little uneasy about sitting in it, because you don’t really know the chair. 


But maybe it’s easy to have faith in the chair because you trust it, you sat in it before, probably many times, you have seen other people sit in it.  You inspected how it’s made and you realize it is well built… You have so much faith in it, you are willing to put all your weight down without fear of it crashing to the ground.


Have someone READ Hebrews 11:1.



  • From this verse, what is faith? (In your own words.)
  • You demonstrated your confidence in the hope that the chair would hold you.  How do we demonstrate our faith in God?  In other words, how do you demonstrate your confidence in the hope that He will come through for you?
  • How can you become more confident in God? 


The more you inspect God (like you may have done with the chair, the more you read the Bible), the more you become familiar with Him, the more you see other people trust Him, and the more you trust Him with the little things (the more you “sit” in Him), your faith will grow. Then you will be able to trust Him with even bigger things life brings your way.


  • What is one thing you should trust God with right now? (What’s one thing you are stressed, worried about? One thing where it’s hard to do what is right?)
  • Are you willing to?  Why or why not?

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