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Finding Family Friendly Movies

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How do you decide which movies are appropriate for your family?  How do you find good movies with meaning and a good message without all kinds of junk in the middle?

When was the last time you watched a movie that said this:

“There are those who claim it’s impossible to know what we’re meant to do or meant to be. But the folks who say that, tend to be looking for a God who shouts and completely miss the one who whispers.

“I side with Paul who wrote, “We see only a dim reflection as through a glass darkly, but one day we shall see face to face and what we now know in part we shall know fully but in the meantime these three things remain faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love.”

Love this quote from the movie: Finding Normal.

Carrie and I really enjoy watching with our kids movies that have meaning.  Movies that have a great message. That inspire us to action and draw us to love, give and serve.  Not that all of them will be blatantly Christian, although those are the best. We want our children to be inspired and motivated to righteousness.

I also like watching action movies; thrilling movies that have you on the edge of your seat.  But, I’m not willing to compromise, if those movies are filled with worldviews that corrupt. 

“Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”  Philippians 4.8

Because we take this seriously and realize how movies impact us so much, we rarely will see a movie without checking it out on   This site, by Focus on the Family, reviews almost every movie and includes it’s: synopsis, spiritual content, violence, profanity, positive element, etc.  For instance, here is their review of 50 Shades

Where can you go to find family friendly, motivational movies with an inspiring message?  You can check out for a list.  You can also check out a new site I just heard about called   There is also  Carrie often searches the Dove awards site: I’m sure there are others, so if you know one, please post it on our site below.

My encourage you to mix it up and declare that “It’s going to be a Movies with Meaning family night!” Be prepared for the kick-back.  They probably won’t always jump up and down in excitement.  The truth is these movies may have some bad acting, even some cheesy scenes, but there is Truth in these movies which is more important than always being steeped in entertainment void of the Truth.

It’s our job to lead them and guide our children to pursue the things of God and movies can be a fun, entertaining way to positively influence them.  If you aren’t putting them in front of some good movies and talking about the negatives in other movies, no one else will. Help them make decisions on what they should and shouldn’t expose themselves to.  And until they are mature enough to do that on their own, God has given them into your custody to “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  Ephesians 6.4

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5 Reasons To Pray Together As A Family

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We say mealtime prayers and pray with our kids at bedtime, but do we gather the family to seek God and expect Him to answer?  Do we fervently seek God’s heart and will; praise Him, thank Him, ask for forgiveness, and pray for others and our needs?

The fact is the majority of church attending parents aren’t praying as families. George Barna’s research revealed that less than 10% of parents in the church pray together with their kids other than at mealtimes.*

What is Faith? {5 Minute Devo}

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 Five Minute Family Devotion


The majority of college students who had a faith that lasted attributed their lasting faith to FAITH CONVERSTIONS in the home.  Whether you are having dinner, in the car or having morning devotions as a family, these devotions can help you talk about faith, making faith real and relevant.



 {Click here to download this devotional in an editable format:  EnglishSpanishFrenchRussian}

SIT AT A TABLE OR HAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN A CHAIR and ASK THEM THESE QUESTIONS (preferably, an old or unfamiliar chair.)



  • How did you demonstrate your faith in the chair you are sitting in?

ANSWER: You believe it will hold you, you have a hope that is so confident, you sat in it.


  • Does it take faith to believe the chair you are sitting in will hold you?  Why or why not? 

ANSWER: It depends on the chair… Maybe it’s an unfamiliar chair that looks worn out and rickety.  You may have never sat in it before, so maybe you were a little uneasy about sitting in it, because you don’t really know the chair. 


But maybe it’s easy to have faith in the chair because you trust it, you sat in it before, probably many times, you have seen other people sit in it.  You inspected how it’s made and you realize it is well built… You have so much faith in it, you are willing to put all your weight down without fear of it crashing to the ground.


Have someone READ Hebrews 11:1.



  • From this verse, what is faith? (In your own words.)
  • You demonstrated your confidence in the hope that the chair would hold you.  How do we demonstrate our faith in God?  In other words, how do you demonstrate your confidence in the hope that He will come through for you?
  • How can you become more confident in God? 


The more you inspect God (like you may have done with the chair, the more you read the Bible), the more you become familiar with Him, the more you see other people trust Him, and the more you trust Him with the little things (the more you “sit” in Him), your faith will grow. Then you will be able to trust Him with even bigger things life brings your way.


  • What is one thing you should trust God with right now? (What’s one thing you are stressed, worried about? One thing where it’s hard to do what is right?)
  • Are you willing to?  Why or why not?

Interviews From Bangkok

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Is the church around the globe a lot different than America?  Hear from four people in different parts of the world discuss the tremendous need for Christian parents to live their faith at home.  Homes Devoted is now encouraging and equipping churches globally!  God is doing amazing things!

We want to encourage you to watch this video as a family and then have a family devotion using this to help ALL THE TIME (a family devo).

Transcript below (minus interviews):

As you may know, I was invited to speak at a global summit in Bangkok.  What an exciting experience to worship with and hear from other Christ followers and hear what God is doing around the world.  The theme of the conference was on rooting and releasing children; getting them grounded, rooted, in the Word, in faith and then encouraging them to be released to do great things in ministry for God.   I thought I was going to be one of many voices advocating the importance of parents “impressing” their faith in the home as Deuteronomy 6 says, but what I realized was the role of parents discipling their children in the home, had not been a focus or emphasis at all with so many people I met.

Of course, the enemy would be on the attack of the homes all over the world; seeking to prevent impressing the faith on the children.  1 john 5:19 says “We know that we are of God and the whole world is under the sway of the evil one.”   The home is crucial for faith development and it is going to be a primary target no matter what country we live in.

By God’s design and with God’s grace, parent-child discipleship is most effective.  Think about it…the average family spends 1 hour a week at church.  George Barna revealed that, in America, over 90% of Churched parents do not practice any spiritual disciplines at home other than saying a mealtime prayer.  We have the majority of families going to church on Sundays, but not embracing God throughout the week, not living out their faith where children experience living life with God as part of the daily routine.  The consequence is that we are losing the majority, (up to 88%) of children growing up in the church.

To my amazement, the rest of the world isn’t any different when it comes to faith practices in the home. Instead of just telling you what I learned, I asked some of my new friends if I could interview them, so you could hear it in their own words.  You might be just as surprised as I was.  Luckily, my cell phone did an okay job.

VIDEO Inverviews: Jonas, Gabriela, Michael, Leisl & Petrus

Does this sound familiar?  Does this represent churches you know?   It is essential that people all over the world focus on the home; on living out their faith in all aspects of life.  John 15:4 says we are “to abide in Christ.”  First John 15:4 encourages us to ‘walk just as He walked.”  We must share this vision with the world, so children might know our God who is alive and working and trustworthy.

These are just a few of the people I was able to get on video.  It doesn’t include people I talked with from Poland, Sweden, U.K., Ukraine, Pakistan, Egypt, Peru, Singapore and from around the U.S.

HomesDevoted™ is seeking how to best minister and equip pastors and families locally and now, globally.  We are writing family devotions and other replicable resources and systems for churches and families to apply worldwide and with your help, they can be translated into Pakistani, Spanish, French, Albanian and other languages.  We are skyping pastors and ministry directors.  We are speaking every opportunity we get to large and small groups alike and hosting conferences for churches.

Jonas, from West Africa, asked me to come share this message at a national conference in April of 2016.  Pastors in Peru asked me to speak at their conference to 2,000 pastors from all over Central America.  The need is tremendous.  Parents and grandparents need to be informed, encouraged and equipped.  Pastors are looking for the resources and tools to empower the parents and grandparents as they build up the next generation of believers.  Parents are looking for family role models.

Pray for us as we are truly dependent upon God and what He wants us to do and where He wants us to go.  Live out your faith with your children and grandchildren in a bold and powerful way.  Would you please pray about giving financially to God and the mission He has for Homes Devoted?   Join with us…Be a part of how God is using this ministry to help spread the faith changing message to families across the globe.  We know this message will impact families, cause revival in churches and help save a generation we are losing.  It starts with you.

Thank you so much to those who have already partnered with us…You are impacting families all over the world!  We are still in need of more monthly supporters, so we can focus our energy and efforts towards ministry.  Maybe your small group might be interested in supporting us.  Maybe the company you work with matches donations.  Maybe you have a year-end contribution coming.  Maybe you are deciding on how to bless ministries with your tithe for 2014.  Please keep Homes Devoted in prayerful consideration.  If you would like us to personally share this vision with you or a group of any size, please let us know!

God is doing amazing things.  Eph 3.20-21 says “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

It is His power at work and for His glory.   We hope you will join us as we take this message to people all over the world.  Your tax-deductible donations are easily made online from our website.

Thank you so much, please stay connected, let us know how we might be able to serve your families and most of all, please keep praying for us!

Grandparenthood: Devoted and Connected

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Grandparenthood graphic


When attending a church Bible study last Sunday morning I witnessed a grandfather who was made fun of (even by the pastor) for having Facebook. I was unexpectedly blessed when I heard his response.  It brought an “amen” to my lips and a challenge to all the other grandparents. He said, “The only reason I have a Facebook is to stay connected with my grand kids!”

I also recently encountered another grandfather who said, “I am not going to learn how to text. I can’t do all that stuff. If they want to talk to me they can pick up the phone.”

It’s obvious which one of these grandfathers is more connected, more devoted, going to have a generational impact and leave a legacy of faith.

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