Our Vision

Here is a 1 minute video we put together which summarizes the statistics I experienced in full-time ministry for 20 years.



As a youth pastor for 20 years, I know how easy it is after a seminar to fall back into the normal routine, especially for parents.  The demands of the day often interfere with children and parents developing new and vital spiritual habits.

We also know it’s hard as pastors to balance everything and “make” everything happen. The demands of ministry often leave many important things on the back burner.

This is why we want to partner with churches to be an ongoing resource.  Our desire is to see family culture change over a period of time making spiritual development of children a priority.  Maybe this seems idealistic, but more important than a 6 week DVD study, is the ongoing personal attention and training offered by someone who desires to see parents be their best.

From interviewing many church staff, the most spoken need was keeping the vision of impressing faith in the home alive, keeping it’s importance a high priority to parents as well as providing resources.  It can be hard to develop new habits for parents when they are so distracted with hectic schedules, etc.  Church staff are also busy doing their normal routine of ministering to people, preparing messages and planning events.

Vero Conference II 18 48 14This is why we have such a desire to come alongside churches and offer in person seminars and coaching to assist in keeping this vision in front of parents.  We can provide sessions once a month/every other month/once a quarter, speaking with small group or a whole church family event.    More than a one time conference or seminar, ongoing support and encouragement for parents is a must.  We have been on staff and we are parents in the trenches, with a teenager and a new born, we can relate and help parents, because we are living it!

It would be an honor to come alongside you and the flock under your care.

~Jonathan and Carrie Cronkhite