What Have You Been Given? {5 Minute Devo}

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Read Matthew 25:14-30

You may want to stop in the middle of the reading to let your child(ren) know that a talent was a lot of money. Not just a $100…no one really knows. It could have been silver (worth around $7,000 today) or gold (worth around half a million dollars today).



• Which servants were faithful? How?
They used what their master gave them to increase the master’s success.

• Which servant was unfaithful? How?
He didn’t use what the master gave him. He was lazy. He didn’t want to work. He didn’t care about what the master wanted. He only cared about himself.

• How would you have reacted if you were the master? Would you have been pleased with what the lazy servant did? Why?
Because he was selfish. He didn’t use what the master gave him. He wasted what he could have done with it.


In this parable, Jesus is teaching the disciples that He is going away (but He will be coming back!) and that we are to continue His work using the gifts He has given us.


• What are the gifts of time, treasure, and talent that God has given you?

• How could you use your time for God? How could we serve God as a family?

• What treasures do we have that we can use to bless others?

• What talent do you have? How could you use it for God?

• How can you be faithful with what God has given you?

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