What is Faith? {5 Minute Devo}

 Five Minute Family Devotion


The majority of college students who had a faith that lasted attributed their lasting faith to FAITH CONVERSTIONS in the home.  Whether you are having dinner, in the car or having morning devotions as a family, these devotions can help you talk about faith, making faith real and relevant.



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SIT AT A TABLE OR HAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN A CHAIR and ASK THEM THESE QUESTIONS (preferably, an old or unfamiliar chair.)



  • How did you demonstrate your faith in the chair you are sitting in?

ANSWER: You believe it will hold you, you have a hope that is so confident, you sat in it.


  • Does it take faith to believe the chair you are sitting in will hold you?  Why or why not? 

ANSWER: It depends on the chair… Maybe it’s an unfamiliar chair that looks worn out and rickety.  You may have never sat in it before, so maybe you were a little uneasy about sitting in it, because you don’t really know the chair. 


But maybe it’s easy to have faith in the chair because you trust it, you sat in it before, probably many times, you have seen other people sit in it.  You inspected how it’s made and you realize it is well built… You have so much faith in it, you are willing to put all your weight down without fear of it crashing to the ground.


Have someone READ Hebrews 11:1.



  • From this verse, what is faith? (In your own words.)
  • You demonstrated your confidence in the hope that the chair would hold you.  How do we demonstrate our faith in God?  In other words, how do you demonstrate your confidence in the hope that He will come through for you?
  • How can you become more confident in God? 


The more you inspect God (like you may have done with the chair, the more you read the Bible), the more you become familiar with Him, the more you see other people trust Him, and the more you trust Him with the little things (the more you “sit” in Him), your faith will grow. Then you will be able to trust Him with even bigger things life brings your way.


  • What is one thing you should trust God with right now? (What’s one thing you are stressed, worried about? One thing where it’s hard to do what is right?)
  • Are you willing to?  Why or why not?

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