“Why is my name on a rock?”

“Why is my name on a rock?” That’s what a friend of mine asked when I told him his name was on our Prayer Rock!

I explained that when we write your name on a rock, that means we are praying for you!  Get on our rock and you know the Cronkhites are praying for you!

Prayer Rocks helps us remember to pray for people that we may otherwise forget.  Another benefit is that the kids have something tangible to hold as we pray together.  (You just have to make sure siblings don’t throw it each other.)

Let’s be honest, we have all forgotten to pray for someone.  Get them on a rock and your family will be reminded to pray for them consistently.  Then, after God answers, we can place another rock in our memorial of God’s answered prayers, reminding all of us year after year of His faithfulness!

We have shared the idea of Prayer Rocks with many families and to tell even more families, we have enlisted the help of Evergreen Media Productions to produce a video to inspire parents/grandparents to lead their children to seek God as they pray with expectation! (Filming date: March 3-6)

Prayer Rocks is a movement that any family, in any country, of any language, can implement to help raise children who know God is at work!!

Helping you have Homes Devoted,


PS. We have a matching donor up to $10,000!!  Every dollar given will double our goal of $20k!  We are partnering with many ministries for its distribution, so millions of families will be changed for generations!  Pray with us for the process, funding, and the global impact!  Click here to join the movement!  

PSS. The video is going to have clips of three families going through an issue needing prayer, writing prayer requests on rocks and then adding that rock to their “memorial,” intermingled with an interview of me sharing about the importance of praying together with our children (similar to this video Evergreen Media created https://vimeo.com/258451449 ).

PSSS. (To see the caliber of video production from Evergreen Media, here is a promo video they did for a church sermon series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl6qdoP5yCQ )