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Why Worship? So Kids See Baptisms


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Welcome to another Family Ministry Moment.  We are discussing why kids should attend worship with their parents, as a family…Another reason is that your kids will be engaged by the sacrament of baptism.


No matter what your denominational traditions are, whether baptisms are administered during your church service or once a month at the beach your kids need to see the sacrament that Jesus commanded us to do.   Most of us probably have baptisms within Sunday morning worship….This is a fantastic opportunity to bring up faith conversations with children.  Parents can share their memory of when they were baptized or confirmed.  This can lead into a conversation about the difference between baptism and confirmation. Children can be told about their own baptism, too.  Bring out the pictures and share about the celebration!


No matter whether you sprinkle or dunk, this is a great way for our kids to grow in their understanding of this outward sign of what God is doing on the inside.  With boldness and conviction, observing fellow worshippers stand publicly before God’s people and confess Him as their Lord and Savior can give children strength to take a leap of faith.


The first two of our five kids have been baptized as infants.  However, we decided to wait until the younger three desired on their own to take a stand publically for Jesus.   But if our kids never go to worship, they won’t even see a baptism.  They won’t see others taking a stand for Jesus. They won’t become curious about it or know to even ask about it. Yes, we may talk about it at home a little, but how rich it is to experience it often at church.  Let them engulf the mystery of baptism with you.


Below are some questions for discussion and even scripture verses you can use in your conversations with your kids about baptism.  Let me know what you think by commenting. I promise to answer your questions, to help you have a home devoted.


I am also going to discuss ways to engage and help your kids find meaning through worship. So check back soon…or email me so you can be the first to get notified of updates as they happen. Thanks.


Here are some questions to talk about:

* When do your children witness baptisms?

* If your kids don’t attend a worship service with you now, at what age will they see people getting baptized?

* Have you had a discussion about what baptism means with your kids (even if they were baptized as an infant)?  Could they tell you what baptism is?


In scripture:…

Romans 6.3-4  What does baptism represent?

1 Peter 3.21  What saves us?

Acts 2.38  We also receive what when we are baptized?

Matthew 28.20  What did Jesus tell us to do?

Titus 3.5  What does the water of baptism represent?

Colossians 2.12  Whose power raised Jesus from the dead and continues to work


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